Keerella's Screenshot Gallery (7)
On their exploration of the Forgotten Temple, Keerella and Zenderfly find the first boss...
Kee watches while Zen takes on the Barren Eise solo!
It looks as if Zen is going to win this particular battle.
And now, that's the level 75 boss Blood Terrain!
The heating bills at the Temple are rather high apparently.
Fairly high humidity in some parts too...
SirDarth and Karella in Prokion Temple's big back room.
At the Epic Event with Zen and GMBeatrice
Keeping the heroine of the epic alive...
All in all, it was quite an "epic" battle!
Time spent in reconnaissance
A dangerous place for Moose to go topless
The Auzura contingent forges onwards
Fighting the big guys - or as big as Memree could get to!
Later, over on Cariae, it's Barbarienne's turn
The Darkmind Terrain takes the strain, again
Approaching Evil's Lair
A resurrected GM Beatrice has led us to victory!
A Zombie Invasion defeated