Keerella's Screenshot Gallery (5)
A mysterious encounter in the initial personal dungeon...
Another view of the same phenomenon, caused by a disconnection.
SirDarth takes a moment to relax.
Jacqui, teleported to GM Krash for the free weapon upgrade.
Keerella is "Chosen by the Gods to receive divine gifts"!
SirDarth's turn to encounter GM Krash, laying out "treasure"...
...and another view of the loot .  Too bad I then crashed!
Keerella and Damor in Egeha.
The Great Gold Dragon drops by.
Come on, we can take her!
Another all-action shot of the, er, action.
Maybe she just wants to be friendly...?
Another strange pre- disconnection effect.
Leo gets a few pet- levelling tips from Ratel.
Another young mage sees the light...
Kaerella and SirDarth in Juno.
Enchantrella and Darth near Velpist Temple.
The Cursed Weavers spawned when Damor killed the GGD!
Keerella in Dratan Desert, home of the Elite Goblins.
SirDarth, Enchantrella - and 794 unused skill points!
Kaerella poses in Randol in her next armour set.
The mage, from the new artwork on the Last Chaos site's front page...
Kee and Itura in Merac, not far from the Jail...
Kee, Itu and Sheele find that the Pandora Beasts have spawned.
Someone has brought a mob of Elder Drakes a long way from their home...
Kee, Akane Giants - and that's Itura, cunningly disguised!