Kaerella's Screenshot Gallery (4)
Keerella and Jacqueline in Procyon Temple, owning the orcs!
Intruders in Randol arena...?
Well it's all very colourful!
Mass pet-levelling, on a Stone Statue.
Keerella's pet drake goes up a level.
Kee and Jacqui versus the Elder Drake mobs!
Strange, it doesn't look like the Temple entrance...
Sheele and Kae battle the Grand Red Dragon - and the Cerebrils.
Keerella poses on her white charger.
"Hey Damor, this new Dratan seems harder than the old version..."
Endemic demons in Merac? Whatever next...?
I thought Jacqui said Kamira stayed out of Baal's back yard?
Kee and "Greedo" pose for the camera in Randol.
Everyone goes pet training on a kindly-provided statue...
A busy evening in Randol's arena!
A mage models the Rio "Samba" costume in Randol for us.
MistressDomino and Enchantrella in Randol.
SirDarth attends GameSage Airadella's newbie class.
Enchantrella makes a (very brief) trip to Egeha!
A pet levelling statue ends up underwater.
A different stretch of water - with fishes!
Kaerella and SirFrancis, her drake, in Randol.
Outside the Temple is somewhere you don't want to go!
Jacqui, Rastaknight and Kee mob the Bandits and Berserkers.
...and Jacqui and Kee do it without Ras and his dragon.