Keerella's Screenshot Gallery (6)
Enchantrella and Zenderfly in Prokion Temple - other people's weapons never seem to glow as much as one's own...
Itura and Kaerella - the Healing Crew!
Somewhere unhealthy - Kee and Itu.
SirDarth versus the orcs in Prokion Temple.
With Sheele, Itu - and the Screaming Zombies!
Kee takes in the view, on top of the Pyramid.
Kee resting in the desert, near the Arcane Golems.
Enchantrella and LightDash, and some orcs, in Prokion Temple.
Keerella and SirDarth rendezvous in Dratan town.
Zenderfly and Kee being levelled by Damor in the Tomb of Theos.
Zen, LightDash and Kee, plus Itura, take on the Screaming Zombies...
By that stage we could manage without Damor, which made things simpler.
And this time Zeratus replaced LightDash in our line-up.
Behind the scenes at Prokion Temple - or, getting stuck in the wall!
In the Quiz Room, waiting for Sunday's Quiz event to start...
At our favourite Dark Bogle spot in Egeha, it's Damor versus the GGD!
A solo trip deep into Egeha - it's easier after a disconnection...
Kae mobbing Blood Frenzies - the invisible sorceror is Baldur18!
Enchantrella and DarkPulse101 in Prokion Temple.
Zen, Kee and our friends, deep in the Tomb of Theos.
A quieter Tomb moment - or am I lagging out?
Kee and MistressDomina, in the Quiz Room.
A rogue at the start of Last Chaos - the Land of Iris awaits!
The "Q & A" session run by GameSage AlexandriA just outside c1 Randol.
And a healer contemplates her first arrival in Last Chaos, too...