Kaerella's Screenshot Gallery (3)
Stopping to chat, while the Gnoll Lancers wait patiently.
Who let that red pet horse in there...?
The unsuccessful hunt for pandora beasts.
Me on horseback, at last!
A healer in the new "Samba" costume...
...and two healers in Randol, even!
After a disconnection, the town seems rather empty.
Keerella on forgefire - borrowed from Elvastar.
In the arena in Randol - Kee has just been hit!
A "Mad Monster Spawn" out in Dratan desert.
Closer in on the main mob GMGreyWullf conjured up.
By the "Devil Grave" in Egeha.
Waiting around, and attacking the Grave.
Keerella, killed by Kamira!
RenaNight and Kaerella in Randol.
Treants on the march - not after Kee, thankfully!
A mage and her hatchling - Keerella relaxes in Merac between kills.
Kee's drake puts in a rare appearance in Randol.
Keerella poses outside Randol.
Waiting for the Sunday evening Quiz to begin.
The Sunday party in Egeha - and a visitor!
The Great Red Dragon gets a warm welcome.
The edge of the world - a great place for pet training.
A different view of the world's edge.
On 100.00% - but not levelled up yet...?