Kaerella's Screenshot Gallery (2)
A chance meeting with RenaNight in Randol, near Merchant Geres.
A quiet moment somewhere in Egeha, with my faithful horse.
Barbarienne shows you don't have to be level 20 to go upstairs in Velpist Temple!
With Elvastar in Randol - note his cool new armour.
Apparently his boots are not upgraded yet, though!
That isn't a weapon to argue with, anyway...
A view of Randol, in the sunshine.
Mining - it looks as if the ore vein moved!
Inside the Norcaine guild hall.
Barbarienne's turn to ride the dragon Forgefire.
Elva, me, and a windmill.
Personal Dungeon 3 - approaching the tower.
- and, inside,  the final battle with Kamira!
In Dratan, my pet horse lives the high life, much to his surprise.
My in-game 'daughter' Charlot rides her horse over the depths.
Welcome to Merac's picturesque Owl Village!
A busy, and rather bloody, moment in Personal Dungeon 3...
...and a quiet moment, after the final tower has been cleaned out!
Elvastar, Rastatitan and me, in the Norcaine Guild Hall.
Another shot of the hall, with a couple more Nocaine people too.
Mining is a thankless task, but someone has to do it!
The Saint Patrick's Day "Gathering of the Green", with lots of newly-dyed pets.