Kaerella's Screenshot Gallery
Young Kaerella in Randol...
A rogue and her pony.
Grand Roadboss Kamira strikes again!
A busy evening in Randol arena...
Is it the mages' turn yet...?
Me posing in Randol again, in my first "fairy" armour.
Ooh, a red dragon, I wonder if he is friendly...?
I don't usually like to play this late into the evening
My bow-wielding days, now behind me.
Enchantrella, all hot and sweaty from mining!
My drake being a camera- hog in Egeha!
Fighting a Boucu Demon.
Resting from our labours.
The Great Golden Dragon drops by...
A safer place to pose in my new Dawn armour...
GM Moose's Mad Monster Spawn!
More Mad Monsters.
A quieter part of Randol.
The Skinwalker in Merac that next spotted!
A skinwalker in Egeha, completely ignored by my drake.
Airadella demonstrates the game sage "glow" for the newbie group.
A special guest appearance by GMKrash himself!